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DJM is a Cross Reality (XR) technology company specializing in developing new attractions for location base entertainment (LBE) & training. Our mission is to provide turn-key solution, safety and breathtaking experience with fun factors, which allowed Multiplayer Free-roam and interact in between the Real & Virtual World. Enabling the LBE operator to spend less budget on non-recycled physical building structures and more budget on continuously updated digital content for their repeating customers.

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The cost of developing top VR/AR games and applications can differ greatly depending on the provider and must be balanced with quality, stellar service and timely delivery.  We have been based in SouthEast Asia for 16 years allowing us to develop a solid network of quality providers.

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11 Installations in 8 Countries

Dutajaya Media is an advanced  technological company that creates and develops breathtaking  experiences through augmented and virtual reality.  At the forefront  of this exciting and ever changing  platform, DJM delivers ground breaking solutions for AR and VR to encompass   software and hardware development.  Our highly committed team focuses  on paradigm shifting research and  development work, giving us the market edge in this virtual age.