EXA Troopers are exposed to many unexpected risks and challenges. To  survive this tough condition, they are required to undergo the Battle  Simulation Training to prepare themselves for the real wild dimension  during their mission later. Thus, the simulator has been recognised as a  ranking system VERXUS for any skilful team. It becomes a team versus  team championship within the organisation of EXA every year. 


Genre : SCI-FI FPS (First Person Shooter)

Type : PVP

Length : 7-10 minutes

No.of Player : 2-4

Controller : 2-4

Platform : ANGKAS 1.0 & 2.0



Named after Chinese geometric puzzle, the “Tangram” system will  integrate seamless level transition and random level generation into  gameplay.

As of now the road to full immersion VR experiences is limited by the  exploration space. But if we were able to continuously introduce new  levels or randomly generated levels into our environment? The result  would be the world’s first open world VR game where players are able to  walk and actively interact, complete missions and explore an ever  changing world, within a limited space.

Simply enter the room and our user-friendly front end program will  allow the controller to drag new and different environments into play.  Making every virtual theme park experience different than the last.



Angkas is a complete solution of a full body immersive virtual reality that gives you the power to create infinite dimension.

Let us make your ideas a reality with your complete tailored  technological solution catered for each individual situation. Suited for  indoor environment and any purpose our ever evolving hardware and  software is at the cutting edge of the upcoming virtual reality market.  ANGKAS comes with a complete set of technologies:

HMD (Head Mounted Display)

Backpack computer

Workstation Server


Positioning System

Software System